Please refer to the FAQ below. For any other questions or concerns, please email us at: emailprostarphotos@gmail.com.

When and where will the photo-ops schedule be posted?

The schedule is now posted on this site on the page called "Photo Schedule".

Does buying a photo op get me into the convention for free?

No, the convention admission charge is separate.

When should I show up for my session?

Please show up for your photo op at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled session start time.  Do NOT come late.  We will NOT hold up the celebrity guest more than five minutes after the session start time or after the customers at the end of the line have been photographed.  There are NO refunds for lateness.  We will exchange your ticket for another actor or the next scheduled session.

Are single and group shots photographed together?

Yes. All single and group shots are done during the same session so if your actor’s name is listed with a group of other actors that IS your session!

How many people can be in one photo?

Up to 2 adults.  Small children count as half an adult. Babies fly free. A third adult is $10, a fourth adult is $10. Please pay for these add-ons at the sales desk on-site. This applies to MOST photo-ops but occasionally add-ons are restricted.

What is included in my photo-op?

A photo-op consists of one 8’X10” color, glossy photograph of you and your favorite celebrity that will be printed at the event for you to pick up.


Reprint(s)- (A second printed copy of your photo): $15

JPEG’s- (Hi resolution digital copy of your photo): $15

Combo- (Reprint and a JPEG): $25

Can I give gifts to or get autographs from the celebrity during the photo op?

No.  You cannot get autographs from or give gifts to the celebrity during the photo op. ALL autographs are signed at the celebrity’s table and at their sole discretion.

Where do I pick up my photos?

The photos will be in a designated PRINT-PICK-UP-AREA at the photo booth. 

What is the wait time for prints?

The typical wait time for prints is between five minutes and one hour from the END of a photo op but this can be shorter or longer depending on the number of photos taken on a given day. Photo ops that take place during the last hour of an event may not be printed before closing time.  These photos will be available the next morning.  There is no guarantee that photos will be printed in time to be autographed and refunds will not be given because you didn’t have time to have your photo autographed. 

What if I cannot make it to given session?

You may move the fee to another photo op or request a refund BEFORE the session commences.


For Pre-orders, what proof of payment should I bring to the event?

Please print out and bring your Payment Invoice and/or photo ID to the sales desk at the photo booth. The actual ticket distribution, photo shoots and print pick-ups will all occur at the event!

For pre-orders, can I get a refund?

We will accept requests and offer full refunds of pre-orders anytime prior to the start of the event.  We process these refunds on the Tuesday after the event to be sure the pre-sale wasn’t processed at the event.


- Only those appearing in the photo op are allowed in the photo op room. Exception: parents of children being photographed.

- For safety reasons no strollers are allowed in the photo op room.  Please try to leave as much stuff as possible outside of the photo op room.

- Please help us to keep the line moving. Absolutely no photos or videos are allowed in the photo op room.

- Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.  No refunds will be issued for lateness.